Mad Rose Journeys carves out paths not normally frequented and opens cellar and kitchen doors that are often locked — their products too rare to be shared by more than a few.

Agnes de Launay, Domaine du Meix Foulot, Mercurey, Burgundy

Agnes de Launay, Domaine du Meix Foulot, Mercurey, Burgundy


Mad Rose Journeys was born from the long and rich travel experiences of Neal Rosenthal, one of the world’s premier wine merchants.

For forty years, Neal has crisscrossed France, Italy and Switzerland, seeking artisanal growers who produce not only the world’s finest wines — but those whose efforts powerfully tell the story of place—the terroir.

You will meet world-renowned wine producers, taste the product of their years of dedication and dine with them on occasion. You will discover small hotels of subtle but sublime comfort and tables of fine local food prepared by masters of cuisine - some recognized, others soon-to-be.

The areas in which these extraordinary products are born are also those of astonishing natural beauty. In towns and villages off the beaten path, craftsmen ply ancient trades and stunning cultural and historical sites too often overlooked are found.

Wine and food are at the core of the Mad Rose Journeys — but there is so much more to be discovered. We will unlock hidden stories in the places you will travel: private art collections and beautiful gardens, artisans’ and artists’ studios, lesser trodden parts of major museums. Our deep and broad network of experts in fields including art, architecture, design, music, science, and history will weave an intricate, one-of-a-kind tapestry of place.

Underlying this all are the human connections built by one man that invite you to join them. These are the stories that become even richer once you become a character within.



Scheduled Tours

For Mad Rose Journeys, travel is a very personal, potent and enlightening experience — and one best shared in the company of others.

For this reason, we curate guided journeys of seven days — for no more than eight clients — to our favorite places in Italy, France and Switzerland. These are places we know, long and deeply. Travels are scheduled in the Spring and Autumn of each year — times when the weather is pleasant and when the earth is presenting herself in her finest form.

Bespoke Journeys & Travel Consultancy

For those who have a specific place, length of stay, or time of year in mind, Mad Rose Journeys will work closely with you to make your ideas around wine and food, art and culture manifest in the most astonishing and delightful of ways.

For those who have travel dreams around wine, food, and more — but do not know precisely where that dream will take you, Mad Rose Journeys will guide and craft a compelling and ever-so-memorable experience.


Pilgrimage to burgundy

On the Paths Surrounding the Cote d’Or



And its neighboring wine regions Alto Piemonte, Canavese, Valle d’Aosta


To Conserve, Enrich and Inspire



Mad Rose Journeys highlight the artisan for without the talent and dedication of the artist, the craftsman, the entrepreneur our culture is less rich and varied. Recognizing and supporting the small family enterprise is at the core of Mad Rose Journeys.



Respect Nature

To appreciate seasonality, the capriciousness and the joy and occasional misery of our natural world, is a precious element of the Mad Rose Journeys experience that provides deep insight into the daily ebb and flow of activities in the agricultural sphere.



Inspire the Imagination

The intricate tapestry of a Mad Rose Journey should light the flame of curiosity, should expose the traveler to new and stimulating encounters, all in the cause of creating a new, more encompassing view of our world and those who travel within it.


“To be a vigneron you need to be observant, curious, imaginative, hard-working, thick-skinned, meticulous, passionate about nature and about life and filled with respect for you fellow man. A vigneron must be artistic in his methods, bold in his thinking, enthusiastic yet reflective, passionate yet patient, pragmatic yet imaginative, efficient yet generous. Being a vigneron is about communication directly with wine lovers, showing them the very best of yourself through the medium of wine” - Jean-Pierre Amoreau